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About Marie, Coffee Cup Reader

Marie, Coffee Cup Reader
This is Marie's account of the traumatic time in her life that persuaded her to pursue prophecy and coffee cup reading. 

Marie is based in South West London, please email her on or click the links at the bottom of the screen to contact her via Facebook or Instagram. 

She is also available via Skype.

About Marie, Coffee Cup Reader

Marie’s Journey to Prophecy & Coffee cup readings in her own words:

Marie’s story would give goosebumps to just about anyone. She had been suffering from cancer. At first, they didn’t know it was cancer. After performing a diagnosis, it was found that her cancer had spread in the body and she needed an operation. Marie was very angry with God, wondering why she became the victim. Before being transmitted for surgery, one night time, Mother Mary visited her. She couldn’t understand what was happening. When she went into the ICU for the treatment, the doctors found that the cancer had disappeared. 

She tried to find out the truth and ended up speaking to a Greek orthodox priest. When she told her story, everyone laughed at her, but this didn’t stop her. The Priest finally accepted her case. They asked her to make another prayer to call upon Mother Mary and find out if this was her path. As she prayed, Mary came to her in a glass box, with Jesus Christ, showing her the wounds and blessing her path. Marie then became a member of the orthodox community to continue her baptism. Marie continued her journey, resolving to help people, which she has done for over 28 years, serving clients from all over the world.
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